Impaled Nazarene, first official studio demo Taog eht fo Htao Eht 1991

Diabolicurst Productions proudly present Finnish Legend Extreme Black Metal, Impaled Nazarene first official studio demo Taog eht fo Htao Eht 1991′ will on music cassette exclusive asian edition after 26 year!!!

under licence Osmose Productions.

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SLAGMAUR. Thill Smitts Terror. Pre Order now!

SLAGMAUR Thill Smitts Terror.

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“Thill Smitts Terror”continue where “Von Rov Shelter”, the band’s critically acclaimed 2009 album, left off, delving more and more deeply into the disturbing world that SLAGMAUR conjures up by combining modern and classical instruments with children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
It is a world where classically constructed melodies blend seamlessly with aggressive black metal to create a nightmare scenario straight from the pit of hell.
Art, as well as music, is an integral part of the whole that is SLAGMAUR – from the sinister masks and costumes the band wears on stage, to the disturbing images used in the artwork for the albums.

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AWE – Providentia

Double LP Gatefold PRE ORDER

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Axiom Black-lords AWE unfold possibly one of the most transcendental albums this year with “Providential”, a gateway of immeasurable and limitless musical scenery that is clearly evident throughout.
Consisting of three strangely enigmatic tracks spanning almost an hour and with the visually thought-provoking artwork by Greek illustrator Konstantinos Psichas (Viral Graphics), the aura surrounding “Providentia”, albeit the darkness and chaos, is a leviathan that spews a conceptual ideology of Man and Universe.


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